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How to Choose a Provider / Why Choose 123Hosting.com?

"123Hosting claims to be different than other web hosting companies. So what makes us different, and why?"


We realize that there are many, many other companies out there seeking your business, and it's natural to wonder if there's really any difference. On the surface, price seems to be the only real differentiating factor. However, we think there is a lot more to it.

Once you get serious about running a quality site, you realize that there are many, many other factors to be considered than just price. Each one of these impacts the quality of service that you can expect in some fashion.

These are the key points to consider:

  • Technical Competence
  • Service
  • Integrity
  • Value for Money
Technical Competence

123Hosting.com was founded because the owner became increasingly frustrated with going through provider after provider, and discovering that each seemed to lack the ability to stay out of the way.

In an ideal situation, when you're up and running and your questions have been answered,you should never even have to think about the provider. Your service should be transparent and seamless. This is the ideal that someone who truly cares about providing quality web hosting strives for. However, it takes a lot of time and money to reach this goal, and very strong technical competence. Nobody ever notices something until it breaks, and we work hard to make sure our servers never do!

The Bottom Line:

Our goal as a company is to provide technical excellence so that we can stay out of the way and let you do what you know how to do best - run your site.


We also realize that a large part of technical excellence is sharing that technical competence with our customers, through effective support programs. That's why we work hard to provide the best support possible, through innovations like our one-on-one support program. We'll get you the help you need, when you need it!

The Bottom Line:

Our commitment is to get you the right answer, quickly, the first time.


This is not an issue you should even have to consider with a Web Provider, but we've discovered that reality is often very different from the ideal. In our experience working for and with web providers, we've seen an amazing willingness in many companies to lie to customers. A disturbing number of people we've dealt with seem to feel that it's okay to misrepresent or step around issues, especially when they see an opportunity to "save face." We cannot tolerate this lack of business ethics, and we will never, ever subscribe to this line of thinking.

The Bottom Line:

The only thing you will ever get from us is the truth, be it good, bad, or ugly. If the truth is what you're interested in hearing, we hope you'll consider service with us.

Value for Money

This is a tricky one. With so many variances between providers in charges for services, how do you know who's giving you the best value for your money? Some providers claim to give you an unlimited bandwidth account for $8.95/month, while others want to charge you $99 a month for a five gigabyte/month account. The truth is, both of these offers are probably rip-offs. It's easy to see why the second is - no matter what the provider tries to tell you about their quality of service, it's overpriced. But the underpriced, "unlimited" accounts are just as dangerous to your bottom line.

Once you sit down and look at the costs involved in running a quality service, you realize that rather than charge too much, some providers don't charge enough!. How can this be?

When you see a provider advertising an amazingly low price for web hosting service, one of the following situations exists:

  • A large setup fee is charged, which isn't mentioned often until you actually sign up. (This seems to be very common presently.)
  • The provider is so desperate for business that they'll do anything to get customers, then raise rates when business is better, or worst yet go out of business completely.
  • The provider's connection and servers are being grossly oversold. Too many hosts on one machine slows all the sites down on that machine. Too many people trying to use the same bandwidth, no mater wether it is a T1 or an OC12 connection means your viewers don't get the full speed of your site, and impatient surfers will pass you by!

What about the so-called "unlimited" accounts that many providers are offering today? Read our opinion of this latest marketing scam.

Above all, we try to set price points that are fair to both you and us. It's a tricky balance sometimes - do we charge just enough to pay the bills? How much profit should we make? Should part of this be re-invested to keep equipment ahead of demand, rather than just barely on top of it? These are all questions we've wrestled with, but we know the right answers. We need to make enough to pay the bills and keep equipment ahead of demand, because we're committed to maintaining the level of service our customers demand. We'd also like to make a modest profit. Nobody here is interested in making a quick buck, because we know that won't do us any good in the long term. That's why you won't see us charging $75 to set up a DNS entry, when it takes an administrator two minutes to do it. That's why we don't charge setup fees. (What's wrong with an industry when they charge you to become their customer?) We're more interesting in building long-term relationships, because that's better for both of us.

We also back our claims with a no-strings-attached 30 day money-back guarantee. If you feel our service hasn't been up to snuff, we want you to call us on it! It's our goal for no customer to ever have to take advantage of this offer - we will do anything we can to make things right.

The bottom line:

123Hosting sets price points that we believe are competitive with anybody else in the industry that is honestly providing the same level of service and competence that we are.

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